Friday, 2 December 2011

Football seasons - free megapack

You will be dating beth in this game

week 1.
1. What are you into? - Working out
2. Hey, are you a parking ticket? - Cuz you've got fine written all over you.
3. Wow, is something on fire? -  Or are you just smoking hot?
4. I mean, are you some kind of thief? - Cuz someone just stole my heart!
5. What have you got to say for yourself? - This is just a big misunderstanding.
6. Choose your elective. - Either one (I usually choose history)
7. English quiz - Answer all 3 questions right. (3.0 GPA)
8. Are you gonna make a move on her? - Definitely.
9. Win the scrimmage. (Strength Up)
10. Well... - I think goths are cool.
11. What do you think? - It would be cool to be Homecoming King.
12. Watch TV (Popularity Up)
13. Win football mini-game (Strength Up)
14. Watch TV. (Popularity Up)
15. Go after Beth.
16. Are you Beth's new boyfriend? - No.
17. I'll just throw in my.... - Shirt!
18. Win scarf mini-game.
19. Watch TV. (Popularity Up)

Week 2
1. Pass Math Quiz. (3.0 GPA)
 2. Sure I do. It's, uh.... - A lizard. (Popularity Up)
3. What do I do? - Swallow it all at once. (Popularity Up)
 4. We should.... - Grab dinner.
 5. Cut class. (Popularity Up)
6. Work Out. (Strength Up)
7. Win scrimmage minigame. (Popularity Up)
8. Is that Adam walking alone? - Offer him a ride.
 9. Work Out. (Strength Up)
10. And what would you like to drink? - Water, please.
11. We'll have... The variety platter.
 12. Should I get it? - It's not very good.
 13. I'll have... - A side salad.
14. Doesn't that look good? - I'm feeling pretty full...
15. How much should I tip? - 20 percent. (the waitress will be super happy -.-")
16. Work out. (Strength Up)

Week 3
1. Pass History/Biology Quiz (3.0 GPA).
2. Pass "thinking words" minigame.
 3. Cut class. (Popularity Up)
 4. Work out. (Strength Up).
5. Pass Lisa minigame.
6. Win the football game.
7. Watch TV.
 8. Truth or Dare? -----> Truth. ----> I'd kiss...Beth
9. What should I ask her? -----> What's the weirdest place you've ever made out with a guy?
10. What should I say? ----> Those guys were just playing around.
11. Work out. (Strength Up).

Week 4
1. Pass English quiz. (3.0 GPA)
 2. You're... ----> Afraid of commitment. ( she will still leave you anyway )
 3. That's just how she is, right? ----> Yeah, you're right.
4. Cut class. (Popularity Up)
5. What should I do? ---> Stand your ground and fight!
 6. Pass "Defend yourself" minigame.
 7. Watch TV. (Popularity Up).
 8. Win football game.
9. Work Out. (Strength Up).
10. Well... ----> I'll be there.
11. Where should we sit? ----> Down in front.
12. Pass theater minigame.
13. What did you like best about it? ----> The acting.
 14. Ask Lisa on a date? ---> Nah. Forget it.
15. Work out. (Strength Up).

 Week 5
1. Pass math quiz. (3.0 GPA)
2. Watch TV. (Popularity Up).
 3. I've got an idea.... -----> Leave it anonymously in Coach's playbook.
 4. Cut class (Popularity Up).
5. Win football game.
6. Mom's gonna kill me if I don't go home. -----> I want to be here when he wakes up. (going home cost 3 happy face to fall off)
7. Work out. (Strength Up).
 8. Can you come over? ----> I'll be right there.
9. Pass dog noises minigame.
10. Do something! ---> Call for Geoffrey! (yay beth is back)
11. Work out. (Strength Up).

Week 6
1. Pass history quiz. (3.0 GPA)
 2. Maybe I should make sure he fails out... -----> Help Adam.
 3. Pass math minigame.
4. We should... ----> See a movie.
5. Cut class. (Popularity Up).
 6. Work out. (Strength Up).
 7. Win football game.
8. Watch TV. (Popularity Up).
 9. I bet she'd like... ----> Nick and Miri Make A Mixtape.
10. Where do you think we should sit? ----> Let's sit in front.
11. N...Nothing! I just meant... ----> You've got a lot of experience.
12. Win sweets minigame.
13. Well, here's my chance... ---> Go for a kiss.
 14. Work Out (Strength Up).

Week 7 1. Do homework. (Just to be safe). Extra credit
2. Win the football game.
3. What is this kids's name again? ----> Elmo. (Popularity up).
 4. Work out. (Strength up).
5. Pass things that burn minigame
. 6. Do something! ---> Stay right here!
 7. Well... -----> All right, but let's take it slow.
8. Watch TV. (Popularity Up).

Week 8
1. Pass English, Math, and History tests. (all correct the best)
2. Are you with us? ----> You can count on me.
3. Pass badger minigame. (Popularity Up)
4. Win football game.
5. Pass dance minigame.
6. Hey. Are you the kid that requested GangstaBot? ---> You bet! And I hope they play it again.

Extra if you are hanging out at the mall
Hang out at the mall. Let's hit up... ----> Shoe-topia.
 Which one should I bring her? ---> Hot and revealing.
Pass compliments mini-game.

Congratz, you got the girl, be home coming king, and got a new car. and everyone loves you except for howard's two sisters. at the ending they said to put shaving cream on your car. how adorable :)